Dear Susan G. Komen Foundation,


I have always found your pinkwashing approach to breast cancer, which infantalizes women and turns a deadly disease into something about “ta-tas” and “boobies” pretty off-putting. As a woman who has lost multiple family members to breast and other forms of cancer, I think your message serves to remove the tragedy and anger of this disease, and replaces it with false optimism. 

Incidentally, have you ever read Barbara Ehrenreich’s book, Bright Sided? I recommend it.

Anyway, your recent decision to abandon Planned Parenthood because of the backwards, anti-women, uninformed politics of your new VP is highly disappointing. I didn’t think I could like you less. But because I routinely rely on Planned Parenthood for my annual breast exam, I do now. 

This is an angering and disgusting choice on your behalf, and one that I hope will be a difficult one for you to deal with in the future. Breast cancer is one of the most well-funded diseases to research, and yet, we have no cure. We don’t even have good or fair or equal treatment options for all women.

If you lose support, most women won’t be much worse off. But your decision to withdraw support from an organization that directly helps women? That will have consequences.

Repulsed and saddened,

—Someone who will never support you, or anything you support, ever again. 

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